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Knight Hennessy Scholars Program

Stanford University awards a scholarship for graduate studies to students who show exceptional leadership qualities and great potential.


Necessary documents:

⁃ Online Application

⁃ Grade Transcripts 

⁃ Standardized Test Score

⁃ One Page Resume

⁃ Two Recommendation Letters

⁃ Essay

⁃ Two Short-Answer Responses

⁃ Video Story

⁃ In-Person Assessment

For further information and application, please follow the link below.

Visiting Teacher-Scholar Fellow

Stetson University invites applications for the position of Brown Visiting Teacher-Scholar Fellow from displaced or at-risk scholars at institutions of higher education in Ukraine. This is a full-time, 9-month position beginning in August 2022, offered as part of a new initiative at Stetson University to support Ukrainians displaced by war.

For further information, please follow the link below.


The College of Arts and Sciences at American University is pleased to announce, set to begin in fall 2022, a Scholar-at-Risk Fellowship for a scholar performing academic and/or research work in the Ukraine which was negatively impacted by the war or geopolitical unrest. This fellowship is designed to support the academic and/or research work of a scholar in the Ukraine with a strong record of academic and/or research performance who might reasonably incur personal risk or be otherwise unable to advance their academic and/or research work if they remained in the Ukraine.

The appointment is for the Academic Year 2022-23 and will commence in August 2022. The incumbent is expected to conduct research with an AU faculty mentor or mentors and teach two courses during the fellowship period. The fellow will also be expected to participate in College and University activities.

Salary is competitive. The fellow will also receive up to $3,000 each year for research related expenses and a one-time stipend of $2,000 (before taxes) to help offset relocation expenses.

Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled.

For further information please follow the link below.

Graduate Student Programme

Study at American universities for one to two years to obtain a master's degree. The competition is open to senior students, graduates of the Free Economic Zone.


Postgraduate education in the United States (graduate studies) is a combination of study with individual research work. The system of this level of education provides a wide range of opportunities: obtaining a master's degree (master's program); training in a related specialty; preparation for qualifying exams and admission to graduate school (doctorate program).

For further information and application please follow the link below.

Scholarships & Stipends

In support of Ukrainian students affected by the war, Maryville College will be awarding three scholarships of up to $30,000 per year to three qualified applicants at the undergraduate level. 

Academically strong applicants will be automatically considered for this offer upon submitting a complete application for admission. 

Maryville College also offers merit scholarships that range from $15,000 (GPA of 2.8) up to $26,000 (GPA of 3.8 required) per year.

For further information, relevant contacts and application directives, please follow the link below.

International Student Scholarships

Hardin-Simmons University provides excellent scholarships for high achieving international students who desire to study in the United States at our Abilene, Texas campus. After receiving admission to the university, international students are eligible to be evaluated for these scholarships. HSU considers a student’s academic records, college entrance exam scores, co-curricular involvement, enrollment status, and anticipated major when awarding scholarships to an international.

Requirements and evaluation criteria for international student scholarships are subject to change. Institutional scholarships are applied to fall and spring semesters only for on-campus undergraduate students and are tuition-specific.

For further information and scholarship sums please follow the link below. 

Internship for Undergraduates & Postgraduates

The non-profit Fund for Peace invites students and graduate students to do internships at its headquarters in Washington.


Applicants will gain practical experience in the field of international relations, get acquainted with a variety of national and international audiences, including government, business, think tanks and NGOs.


Requirements for candidates:

- be a student or graduate student at the time of application;

- fluent in English. Interns receive a monthly payment, $ 350 for part-time work and $ 700 for full-time work.

For further information please follow the link below. 

The Kotzen Scholarship 

This is the most prestigious award offered at Simmons University (Boston), and acknowledges excellence through focus on study abroad, scholarly research, and intellectual curiosity.

The Kotzen Scholarship provides full tuition, room & board, plus an additional $3,000 for academic pursuits such as study abroad, research support, and more. This scholarship is awarded for the duration of a four-year period of full-time undergraduate study, and supersedes any previously awarded merit scholarship.

Applications for this scholarship are open until 1st December for undergraduate degrees starting in 2023.

For further information, eligibility criteria, application requirements and directives please follow the link below. 

90% Tuition Fee Waiver

The University of Windsor (Washington) covers 90% of tuition for Ukrainian students planning to pursue a master's degree.

Tuition: discounted for Ukrainians - only $ 900 per semester.


English language proficiency: you do not need to take IELTS or TOEFL; The University of Windsor will help you pass the exam during your studies at the university.


Available Courses: PMP, Real Estate, HR, Marketing, Sales, Leadership.

For further information, please follow the link below.

100% Undergraduate Tuition Fee Waiver

Tulane University, one of the best universities in the United States, provides a full scholarship to undergraduate students.



⁃ science

⁃ engineering 

⁃ arts 

⁃ liberal arts 

⁃ public health

⁃ architecture

For further information, please follow the link below. 

University of Pennsylvania

Graduate Student Fellowship

The University of Pennsylvania invites current graduate students from Ukrainian institutions of higher education to apply for a one-year Visiting Graduate Student Fellowship. Please note that you should be a student enrolled in a graduate program to apply to this opportunity. This program is not intended as a platform to begin new educational programs.


Fellowships will provide tuition-free access to University of Pennsylvania courses and programs (granting non-degree course credit, where applicable), a living stipend, health insurance, and support for visa application. Students will be administratively hosted by the Russian and East European Studies Department.


The program welcomes students with disciplinary focuses in anthropology, art history, demography, environmental studies, film studies, history, international business studies, international relations, energy policy, Jewish studies, comparative literature and literary theory, literary and cultural history, medieval studies, political science, and sociology (if your field is not listed, please inquire). A limited number of fellowships is available.

For further information and application directives please follow the link below.

New York University

Graduate, Post-Doc & Research Opportunities

Holt lab at NYU is open to host a researcher in the field of molecular and cell biology. Furthermore, NYU has possible funding for up to 3 years that could support a postdoc, grad student or visiting scientist.

If applying for a post-doctoral or researcher position, the team is open to ideas that you’re excited about. Please take a look at some of our most recent papers, then mention what you’re interested in - contact form and research can be found via the link below. 

If you’re interested in becoming a graduate student, please apply directly to the NYU Vilcek graduate program, also linked below.

University of Pittsburgh

Financial Support for Law Students

Financial support available for Ukrainian law students & recent law graduates interested in an LLM degree from Pittsburgh University.

Each year the university invites a select number of foreign students to study American law and other substantive specialisations that will prepare them for careers as global lawyers. 

For breakdown of fees, funding opportunities, scholarships and more, please follow the link below. To find application forms, please navigate the blue menu in the right hand corner of the linked website.

University of Michigan


The Weiser Center for Europe and Eurasia (WCEE) at the University of Michigan invites applications for WCEE Scholars at Risk Fellows from scholars at institutions of higher education in Ukraine.

Applicants will be matched with a faculty partner at the University of Michigan. Candidates must have excellent oral and written English language skills; proficiency will be verified.

The awards support one-year research visits to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and include round-trip airfare for fellow and dependents, visa support, health insurance, and salary. WCEE will grant up to three awards.

Selection of fellows will be made through a review of proposals at the University of Michigan. For further information and application directories, please follow the link below. 

Fordham University


The American Academy for Jewish Research, the New York Public Library, and the Center for Jewish Studies at Fordham University (New York) invite applications for fellowships from scholars affected by the current war in Ukraine. Funding is primarily available for scholars in Jewish studies from any area of research, while additional funding will support scholars in any field of Slavic Studies. The fellowship’s goal is to provide support and remote access to resources for scholars in need affected by the war. 

The fellowships consist of a $5000 stipend, remote access to library resources at Fordham and the NYPL, especially NYPL's Dorot Jewish Division and the Slavic collection, and networking with faculty members within the AAJR and Fordham University.  When feasible, fellows will share their work with the members of the AAJR and learning community of the Center for Jewish Studies at Fordham University and the New York Public Library.

Applications should be in English and consist of statements of research interests and resources needed as well as a current CV.

Review of applications will begin on 14 April 2022 and continue so long as funding is available. For the application service, and further information, please follow the link below.

University of California, Los Angeles


In light of the war in Ukraine and the ensuing disruption of scholarly progress in Ukrainian universities, the Alan D. Leve Center for Jewish Studies, together with five endowed chair holders in the field, has created an emergency Visiting Graduate Researcher (VGR) fellowship for a current graduate student in Ukraine. Graduate students at any Ukrainian university are eligible to apply for the one-year fellowship, and to join us at UCLA as soon as possible. To respond flexibly to the crises in Ukraine, we seek to support a scholar working in any area of Jewish Studies including, but not limited to, East European Jewish studies, Holocaust studies, Rabbinics, Yiddish Studies, Jewish literature, languages, music, culture, or history.  This position will be promoted through the Ukrainian Jewish Studies Association and the European Jewish Studies Association.

For further information, eligibility criteria, and application directories, please follow the link below.

University of Texas, at Austin

Research/Teaching Stipends

The University of Texas at Austin invites applicants for a one-year visiting scholar appointment that entails research and/or teaching for displaced scholars from Ukraine working in a range of fields in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, or business. Working proficiency in English required.

Visa and travel support, office space, standard benefits, assistance with securing housing, and a cost of living stipend will be provided. 

Candidates should hold a PhD in any relevant discipline, with a preference for the following unit(s) or area(s) of study, broadly defined:

  • Policy Studies (US, Europe, Eurasia)

  • Global Disinformation 

  • Jewish Studies 

  • Czech Studies 

  • College of Natural Sciences

  • McCombs School of Business

  • Cockrell College of Engineering

For further information, and application directories, please follow the link below. 

University of Texas, at Austin #2

Emergency funding for Master's

MA program in E. European Studies: an interdisciplinary degree that allows students to choose an area of interest to study in depth for their thesis or report, such as history, cultural studies, political science, policy, and various social sciences.

The Master of Arts (M.A.) program in Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies at The University of Texas at Austin is providing emergency funding and Fall 2022 admission to a displaced student from Ukraine (admission deadline extended to May 1). The admission offer will include a living stipend ($10,000 per semester), covered health insurance benefits, and full-time tuition coverage (up to 9 credit hours) for each semester of 2022-23.

For further information, and application directories, please follow the link below.

Tufts University


The Scholars at Risk (SAR) Program at Tufts is dedicated to helping scholars, artists, writers, and public intellectuals from around the world escape persecution and continue their work by providing ten-month-long academic fellowships at Tufts University (Massachusetts).

At present, Tufts’s Scholars at Risk fellowship offers two options:

  • The residential fellowship lasts for a maximum of ten months, and provides stipend, insurance coverage, and travel (depending on the location of the scholar and the number of dependents). At the end of the fellowship period, fellows will have to return to the home country or seek placement elsewhere. From the time of arrival, Tufts SAR engages with fellows to explore possibilities for next steps and to work towards securing accommodation for the post-fellowship year.

  • Non-residential fellowhips will be based on shorter term projects or outputs, including but limited to providing lectures, conference presentations, university-wide addresses, or co-collaborations with researchers at Tufts.

For further information, eligibility criteria, and application directories, please follow the link below.

Columbia University


The Columbia University Scholarship for Displaced Students (CUSDS) is an effort to combat this unprecedented humanitarian and economic loss by providing displaced students with the opportunity to pursue higher education at Columbia University, one of the leading educational institutions in the world.

The Scholarship supports displaced students from anywhere in the world who are unable to complete their higher education. These students will receive up to full tuition, housing, and living assistance while pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees across all 19 Columbia schools and affiliates, reflecting Columbia’s full institutional commitment to addressing this global crisis. 

This scholarship program is for foreign nationals who: have refugee status living anywhere in the world; have received US asylum or submitted a US asylum application; are in the US under Temporary Protected Status; are Internally Displaced Persons.

For more information about the scholarship and application process, please follow the link below. 

Stetson University


Stetson University is proud to announce 4 scholarships for undergraduate Ukrainian students who have been displaced by the war in Ukraine. Eligible students will receive assistance to cover tuition, fees, room & board, and travel expenses related to studying at Stetson for one year as non-degree seeking students.

For students wanting to continue their studies at Stetson after the first year, students may apply through the regular admissions process for degree-seeking students and be considered for Stetson’s normal financial aid packages. These opportunities are only for one year of support as non-degree seeking students.

Furthermore, Stetson University invites applications for the position of Brown Visiting Teacher-Scholar Fellow from displaced or at-risk scholars at institutions of higher education in Ukraine. This is a full-time, 9-month position beginning in August 2022.

For further information, and application guidance please follow the respective links below. 

University of Tennessee


The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Global Response Assistantship for international students impacted by the war on Ukraine.

Award Overview:

  • Tuition and fees for Master of Public Administration, Master of Business Administration, Master of Computer Science, or Master of Engineering Management

  • Round trip plane tickets between your home city and Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

  • Room (at UTC) and board

  • Stipend ($4500/semester)

  • Length of assistantship period: August 2022 to May 2024

  • Number of awards: 2

  • Application Deadline: Saturday, May 14, 2022

For further information, eligibility criteria and application guidance, please follow the link below.

Purdue University

Reception of Ukrainian Graduate Students, Professors and their Families.

Purdue University, one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, has announced a program to accept Ukrainian graduate students, professors and their families.


The program is designed for one year with the possibility of extension. Tickets, insurance, scholarships and other expenses are borne by the university.


There are no restrictions on scientific specialization, but it is also known that those who are engaged in gender history and / or LGBTQ + research are very much expected.


For further information, please write directly to the director of the gender centre, T.J. Boisseau, via the email below. 

Miami Herbert Business School

Graduate Business Scholarships

In an effort to support those impacted by the war in Ukraine, the University of Miami Patti and Allan Herbert Business School will provide two full-tuition graduate scholarships—one for the full-time MBA program and one for a Specialised Master’s program—beginning as early as August 2022 to qualified graduate students.

The scholarships are open to qualified graduate students, including those recently displaced by the war in Ukraine. To be considered for these scholarships, applicants must qualify for admission to Miami Herbert’s Full-time MBA Program or one of its Specialized Master’s Programs commencing August 2022. 

Those interested in applying for this scholarship or interested in supporting the Ukrainian Graduate Business Scholarship fund may contact Cecilia Sanchez, international relations manager at Miami Herbert, via the email below. 

FLTA Program

Internship in Ukrainian language teaching

FULBRIGHT FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHING ASSISTANT Program is opening a competition to beginner teachers and young professionals under the age of 30 who specialize in linguistics, Ukrainian literature, translation studies, communications, journalism, American studies, and English language teaching.


The program will last 9 months.


Requirements for candidates:

• have Ukrainian citizenship;

• have at least a bachelor's degree at the time of the scholarship - July 2023;

• know English at a high level;

• return to Ukraine for 2 years after the end of the grant period in accordance with the requirements of the J-1 visa received by participants in exchange programs;

• passport valid until December 31, 2025

For application and further information, please follow the link below.

University of Michigan-Dearborn 

International Student Scholarship

The University of Michigan-Dearborn provides part-time funding ($ 10,000 per year with the possibility of renewal for up to four years for $ 40,000) to undergraduate students.



⁃ average score of at least 3.0 out of 4;

⁃ total SAT score not less than 1020;

⁃ Candidates must be fluent in English and demonstrate their level of proficiency in one of the following: MELAB 76, IELTS 6.5, TOEFL IBT-80, CBT-213, PBT-550, MELAB 76, IELTS 6.5, TOEFL IBT-80, CBT-213, PBT-550.

For further information and contacts please follow the link below.

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