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Scholarships for researchers from Ukraine

The Vice-Chancellor has decided to allocate funds for scholarships targeting researchers from Ukraine. The purpose of these scholarships is to be able to offer researchers sanctuary and enable them to spend time in a research environment.

The Vice-Chancellor is able to award 20 scholarships of SEK 150,000 each, where each scholarship is awarded for a short stay of five months. The scholarships are awarded following a decision and must be preceded by an application from the hosting head of department or equivalent. Applications and decisions are made as they are received.

For further information and registration, please follow the link below.

Scholarship (MBA)

The scholarship covers the full tuition fee of SEK 495,000 for the SSE MBA Executive Format program. 

The SSE MBA program is designed for working professionals aiming to lead in global organizations. The program will help you grow into broader responsibilities more efficiently, sharpen your analytical skills, increase your financial understanding, and prepare you for the global business world. You will learn how to lead in both a sustainable and innovative way, and through the MBALive® pedagogy, you will instantly apply your new knowledge and skills in different projects. 

The SSE MBA program starts on December 5th, 2022, and is delivered part-time over 18 months in parallel with your daily work. It consists of ten intensive campus weeks, of which some are given outside Sweden. 

To apply for the SSE MBA scholarship, you need at least a Bachelor’s degree, a minimum of five years of relevant work experience, a proven high level of English proficiency, and an employer who supports your participation. Please note that expenses related to travel, food, accommodation, or other boarding expenses are not covered by the scholarship. 

For further information and application, please follow the link below. 

30 million to finance research grants

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF, has allocated SEK 30 million to finance research grants for Ukrainian scientists seeking professional refuge in Sweden.

This Call is directed exclusively to Ukrainian nationals that arrive(d) to Sweden during 2022. The grant covers a research period in Sweden for up to three years, at a Swedish university or research institute.

The researcher must be a Ukrainian national, that holds a PhD, arriving in Sweden during 2022 and must be employed by a Swedish university or research institute during the project period. All kind of employment options are allowed from temporary positions such as postdocs and guest professors to more permanent positions, such as faculty professors.

The researcher must conduct strategic research within one of the Foundation’s statute areas; Natural Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. The grant will be paid to the Swedish host institution being a Swedish university or research institute that provides appropriate employment and administers the grant.

The duration of the project can be up to three years in total. A letter of Intent (LoI) must be submitted by the host institution in Sweden. SSF will fund approved projects with maximum MSEK 3.

The funds are primarily intended for the salary of the Ukrainian scholar, but any excess funds may be used for this individuals needs such as travel, conferences, and research consumables. 35 percent overhead cost on the direct costs is allowed.

For further information, eligibility criteria and application directives please follow the link below.

Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators


For a residency at the Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators, Gotland, Sweden. Professional writers and literary translators can apply for a residency at the BCWT in Visby.  

BCWT welcomes applicants from all countries, yet residency priority is, according to the statutes, to be given literary professionals from the countries in the Baltic Sea region and Scandinavia. A stay at BCWT is free of charge and is considered a residency grant. The residency term is 3-5 weeks in average. 

Applications can be submitted at any time and will be considered on a rolling basis. The consideration time is approximately two months.

Emergency residencies for literary professionals, writers and literary translators from Ukraine. The residency period can be 1-3 months: your application will be processed immediately.

Please follow the link below for application.

Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences


Ukrainian citizens with a doctor's degree can apply for funding to facilitate carrying out their research in Sweden during, or in connection with, the ongoing war. The research shall be conducted at a Swedish university or at one of the research institutes of the Academy for a limited period of time. Expenses that can be covered by the scholarship include e.g. living expenses, travels as well as other costs that may be associated with temporarily relocating to Sweden. Scholarships covering expenses up to a total of SEK 20,000 per month can be granted for a period of a maximum of 12 months.

For further information, application guidelines and directories, please follow the link below. 

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