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Slovak Government Scholarship

Support for Academics of All Levels

The Slovak Government Scholarships cover all tuition costs, including housing and social assistance.


Students must take a one-year initial Slovak language course before starting their studies. Even during the language course, students will receive a monthly stipend and living assistance from the Slovak government.

For further information and application directives please follow the link below. 

Slovak Academy of Sciences

Support for Academics of All Levels

For newly arrived Ukrainian colleagues and members of their families, SAV offers free accommodation in Bratislava, Smolenice, and Stara Lesna. SAV will also provide free accommodation for family members, those Ukrainian colleagues who are currently in SAV.


The Academy will provide financial support to doctoral students and young researchers who will be able to continue their studies and research in Slovakia.

The Academy will assist Ukrainian doctoral students who are currently completing their studies at the Academy of Sciences with further employment in the specialty.

The Academy will provide significant exemptions from paying for the accommodation of Ukrainian researchers and doctoral students who currently reside on its premises.

Follow the link below for further information.

Komenský Universität Bratislava

Scholarships & Accommodation

After considering the current events, Comenius University has decided to take the following steps to help our students and staff manage the consequences of the current situation:

  1. Extraordinary scholarships. Because the war has completely cut some people off from their financial sources, we will soon being contacting all our Ukrainian students, offering them an opportunity to apply for an extraordinary scholarship.

  2. Accommodation fee waiver Comenius University will waive all accommodation fees for its Ukrainian students in the University’s dormitories from now on until the end of the summer semester.

  3. Temporary accommodation for family members. We will reserve accommodation capacity in our facilities for those students and staff who may need to accommodate their closest family relatives.

  4. Psychological counseling. Students and staff are free to use the Comenius University Psychological Counseling Service. In case of need we are prepared to boost its capacity to handle any traumatizing experiences or anxiety caused by the current situation.

  5. Accommodating the students' reduced ability to participate in studies. We ask the lecturers to assist the students from Ukraine and enable them to continue their study even if they are unable to participate in person or online. We ask them to accommodate the students in their study as far as possible, given the circumstances.


For further information and contacts, please follow the link below. 

University of Žilina

Continuing studies for displaced students

The following statement has been put out by the Faculty of Engineering:

'Dear students of Ukraine, We condemn military aggression and invasion of your country, and express our full solidarity and support during these difficult times.

If you have had to leave the country due to the conflict or you cannot study at home, we offer you the opportunity to continue your studies at our university at the Faculty of Civil Engineering.


Contact us at:


Telephone: number +421 41 513 5512;



We will consider the ongoing 1st round of applications for training. Applications are considered after confirmation of completion of the previous level of education (school)'

Banska Bystrica

Support program for foreign students and staff

The following support is being offered by the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica:

1. Regular meeting of foreign students, staff with the Academy of Arts governance and faculties‘ representatives.
2. Financial support - awarding special scholarships from the faculties‘ own funds
3. Providing the food access at a reduced price

4. Coordination, counseling and support in finding work (full-time/ part-time)
5. Psychological support and help
6. Taking into account worsened possibility of students' participation in the learning process
7. Planned Solidarity events / concert for foreign students, auction of artworks, theater performances
8. Establishment of a single contact point for conflict-affected foreign students and staff who need support, but also for those who would like to help:
9. Temporary allocation of space at the Academy of Arts for joint meetings of students affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

For further information and contacts please follow the link below.

The University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice

Assistance to Ukrainian Scientists and Students

The University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice offers a range of support to Ukrainian students via:

- Exchange Programmes

- Remission of the fee for accommodation in UVMP Student Dormitories

- Remission of the fee for submitting an application to study in the academic year 2022/2023

- Psychological counselling 

- Provision of meals in the form of free lunches and dinners

- and much more...

For further information and contacts please follow the link below.

Technical University in Košice

Support for Ukrainian students and their families

In order to cope with this difficult life situation, the university management has decided to take the following measures:

  • Provide free accommodation to Ukrainian citizens coming to Slovakia in student dormitories

  • Offer free social and psychological counselling to all who have problems coping with this difficult life situation through the TUKE Social and Psychological Support Centre

  • The TUKE is establishing a single contact point to provide interested parties with information on possible TUKE assistance

  • Student councils of the TUKE student dormitories shall waive 50% of the membership fees for the use of services in the summer semester for Ukrainian students who are staying in our student dormitories,

  • Provide all students from Ukraine with assistance in coping with their studies at TUKE

  • Offer voluntary COVID-19 testing to people from Ukraine staying in our accommodation facilities,

  • Support the activities of the humanitarian centre established by students at the TUKE student dormitories

  • In cooperation with U. S. Steel s.r.o. Košice, TUKE are preparing other forms of assistance which you will be informed about soon

For further information and relevant contacts please follow the link below.

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