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Scholarships for Ukrainian Historians

This is an opportunity to continue research at the German Historical Institute in Warsaw. Young Ukrainian scientists will receive a scholarship for a period of up to three months to conduct research, work in libraries and have their own workplace in the office of the institute.


The scholarship is administered by the German Historical Institute in Warsaw under the leadership of the Max Weber Foundation. This is one of thousands of EU opportunities for Ukraine.

For further information and application, please follow the link below.

Education for Ukrainian students (bachelor, master)

The offer applies to citizens of Poland and Ukraine who, as of February 24, 2022, had the status of a student of a higher educational institution in Ukraine and would like to continue their studies in Polish / English at the Jagiellonian University.

Candidates enrolled at the Jagiellonian University will not lose their status as a student of a Ukrainian university.

Review the various offers proposed by the university via the link below. 

Fundacja Powszechnego Czytania

$150,000 Fund

Polish Foundation for Public Reading, led by President Maria Descourt, provides grant support to Ukrainian publishers. This was reported by the Ukrainian Association of Publishers and Booksellers (UAVK).


The $ 150,000 fund will be shared by the winners: Non-Russian publishing companies that have been in the market for at least five years and have published at least fifty books can apply for funding.


To apply, you must complete the application in Polish or English by May 19. Questionnaire is attached below. It should be sent to the email also attached below. The competition is supported by the UACC and the Polish Publishers' Association.

University of Warsaw

Ukrainian Undergraduate and Doctoral Student Aid

The University of Warsaw offers a range of assistance to Ukrainian students currently studying or applying for a course. Types of assistance include: 





Follow the link below for more information on the university's official website. 

Institute of Psychology

Research Position

Institute of Psychology, under the Polish Academy of Science, is offering 1 research position for a psychologist from Ukrainian universities/scientific institutions for 6 months (with a possible extension).

For application details follow the link below.

University of Warsaw

Early-Career Opportunities

The Faculty of History at the University of Warsaw is hiring historians with focus on (a) 19th century history and (b) didactics of history. 

The links for application details are listed below respectively for each position.

University of Wroclaw

Research opportunities and Student Support

Szyszkolab - organic supramolecular chemistry group working at the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Wroclaw is offering a post-doctoral position in organic/supramolecular chemistry. 


They will also be happy to support BSc/MSc/PhD students who will be admitted to the University of Wroclaw


Ukrainian researchers are more than welcome to apply! Contact Bartosz Szyszko for more information via twitter - his account is linked below.

The Old House of Culture

Scholarships for Artists

The Old House of Culture and the City of Warsaw announce an Intervention Scholarship Program for Creative People at Risk. One-time intervention scholarships of up to PLN 5,000 are offered for artists who have been forced to leave Ukraine as a result of the war caused by Russia.

The first fund has already been exhausted, and 50 people will already be offered placements. Newly sent forms will be placed on the reserve list and will be attended to as soon as additional funding is provided. 

For further information and application forms, follow the link below.

Polish Young Academy

Research Positions

the Polish Young Academy is providing help to Ukrainian fellow scientists who are currently forced to leave their homeland. Members of the PYA are declaring that they are ready to welcome Ukrainian scientists in their research groups, providing them with support as well as a place and tools to work. Support shall be provided for a period of at least 3-6 months and it may include, among others:

  • admitting Ukrainian scientists to the research group or providing them with a place as well as materials and tools for work at the given institution,

  • free accommodation of researchers and their families,

  • funding a scholarship or salary.

For further information and contacts, follow the link below. 

University of Warsaw

Doctoral Stipend Offer

The Centre of Migration Research at the University of Warsaw is looking for a doctoral researcher will look for appropriate ways to measure the fertility levels of migrants, taking into account their age and time since migration. The planned analyses aim to significantly improve methods of measuring the fertility of migrant women and to deepen the current understanding of fertility changes under the influence of migration, developed in the conditions of Western European countries different from those in Poland. The results of the conducted research will be used to more accurately and accurately predict the demographic consequences of emigration and immigration, and to analyse the response of migrants from low-fertility countries to various social (especially family) and population policy tools.

For further information, eligibility criteria, application directories, follow the link below.

University of Warsaw

Research Position

The University of Warsaw, Centre of Migration Research is offering a stipend to a researcher who will be required to carry out the following work: 

  • participation in the research project “Migration plans of medical university students and their actual implementation. Will they really leave?”, in particular:

  • preparation of statistical analyses of migration processes of medical personnel in Poland and abroad;

  • participation in the conducting and analyses of the results of CAWI surveys and conducting of individual IDIs with medical professionals and experts with unique knowledge about migrations of the highly qualified;

  • preparation of statistical data regarding the emigration and immigration of medical personnel to/from Poland;

  • preparation of materials with project results;

  • participation in preparing scientific publications to be published in prestigious journals;

  • participation in scientific conferences;

  • supporting the Principal Investigator in other work related to the project.

Follow the link below for further information on requirements and admissions' contacts.​

Adam Mickiewicz University

Student/Researcher Positions

Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznań), offers 6 new positions for students/researchers of biology or related sciences. They will be involved in projects of different IBMiB research groups. Accommodation and stipend up to 9 months is provided.

Contact Piotr Ziolkowski for further information, through his twitter attached below. 

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