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  • Presentation of various opportunities of free education at state universities in Europe;

  • Presentation of educational opportunities at universities in the EU, the U.K., the U.S.;

  • Selection of the country of study;

  • Selection of an educational institution and study program

IT Consulting
Meeting Table

Profile Evaluation

  • Career guidance;

  • Assessment of the current level of professional training;

  • Assessment of the current level of language training;

  • Evaluation of the chances of admission to the selected educational institution

Preparation for Admission

  • Preparation of a motivation letter;

  • Preparing a candidate for an interview with an educational institution;

  • Selection of language courses;

  • Selection of summer camps and language programs

Student Waiting for Class
Online Education

Supporting Services

  • Visa support;

  • Booking of airplane tickets and organization of transfers;

  • Organisation of open days and private visits;

  • Supervision during studying;

  • Assisting parents in obtaining visas when visiting children

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Address: Hampton Road, Bristol

Czech Office

Address: U Zvonarky, Vinohrady, Prague

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