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University of Oslo

Short Term Support for Ukrainian Researchers

The University of Oslo’s Scholars at Risk (SAR) Committee is reallocating NOK 1.8 million of SAR funding to provide short-term support for Ukrainian researchers.

The purpose of the scheme is to provide Ukrainian researchers with the opportunity to continue their work in Norway while developing networks and identifying opportunities for future careers within or outside of academia.

For eligibility requirements, application form and further details, follow the link below. 

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Research Stay

Research stay for one person 4-6 months, disciplined in Engineering and Technology, with a monthly grant of 25 000 NOK (tax to be deducted). Travel costs covered. Ukrainian citizens do not need a visa to stay in Norway up to 90 days if they hold a biometric passport. The applicant and local collaborator will agree on a topic of study so that the stay is of scientific value. Office space and computer equipment will be provided during the stay.

You can choose to participate in any of the following programmes: 

  • Industrial Ecology Programme

  • Process and Power

  • Sustainable Energy Systems

  • Thermo fluids

For further information from the department, and contacts, please follow the link below. 

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