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Student and Staff Support

RSU offers Ukrainian students, researchers, and lecturers the opportunity to continue their work and studies in English.

Ukrainian students are welcome to continue their studies at the Open University free of charge during the spring semester. RSU is planning to decide on the possibilities to offer Ukrainian citizens the ability to continue their full-time studies at RSU from September this year, together with the relevant Latvian authorities.

Furthermore, the university is ready to shelter academic staff and their families in student hostels, which currently have a capacity of up to 150 beds. They are ready to host visiting researchers and guest lecturers and can offer them the opportunity to teach different courses in their programmes at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as to work in research.

For further information and application directives, please follow the link below.

Free Tuition and Accommodation

Daugavpils University (DU) is actively involved in ensuring any kind of support, considering various ways to provide the necessary assistance.

Accommodation for refugees is offered at the University Service Hotel. The Ukrainian people have been actively using these services since Saturday, the 3rd of March.

DU offers free service hotels and free tuition to Ukrainian students.

For further information (also available in Ukrainian) please follow the link below. 

Support for Students & Staff

RTU offers study places to Ukrainian students, and job opportunities to academic staff members so that they can continue their studies and research work, which were interrupted due to the war, in Latvia, RTU.

Students from Ukraine are admitted to RTU as mobility students on the recommendation of the Ministry of Education and Science. Those who are willing to continue at RTU their studies that were started in Ukraine, first, need to get acquainted with RTU study opportunities in order to find a programme corresponding to their studies started in Ukraine.

For further information, application directives and useful contacts please follow the link below. 

Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Research 

To the best of its ability, Liepaja University provides support for the students and researchers from war-affected Ukraine.

There is a possibility for Ukrainian students to join one of the following bachelor study programs in English:

or master program:

If you are a researcher in the fields one can find on the web pages of Institute of Educational SciencesKurzeme Institute of Humanities,  Institute of Science and Innovative Technologies, or Institute of Management Science, there can be a possibility to join our research team as well.

For further information, and application directives, please follow the link below. 

Scholarships and Research Stays

Ukrainian civilians who, due to the Russian Federation's war against Ukraine, were forced to flee to Latvia for security reasons will be able to continue their studies and research in Latvia. Students will have the opportunity to receive a scholarship to continue their studies and researchers will have a support to continue academic or scientific work within existing research cooperation programs. The scholarship fund will be administered by the State Education Development Agency (VIAA).

Applications should be submitted through Latvian higher education or scientific institution. Individual applications will not be accepted. 

Students of all study levels enrolled in Latvian public or private higher education institutions (including colleges) will be able to receive a scholarship in the amount of 140 euros per month from the day of enrolment at Latvian higher education institution until the end of the semester - 30th June 2022.

In solidarity with the academic community of Ukraine, Latvian higher education and scientific institutions may offer internships to researchers from Ukraine at their institution. If the institution offers an internship (without remuneration) to researchers from Ukraine, the state will provide a research fellowship for scientific and academic work of 900 euros a month until 31st  August this year.

For further information on the support offered by the Latvian State please follow the link below.

Contemporary Dance Programme

The Latvian College of Culture at the Latvian Academy of Culture offers Ukrainian students to continue their studies in the program “Contemporary Dance” in the following specializations:

  • contemporary dance;

  • hip hop cultural dance;

  • jazz dance.

In the study year 2021/2022 it is offered to continue studies as free listeners, while in the study year 2022/2023 – as College students.

In order to study in the first level professional higher education study program and obtain the professional qualification of a dance group leader during two study years, a secondary education certificate is required.

For further information, please contact the college via the email below. 

Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre

Research & Laboratory Assistance Positions

Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre (Riga) can provide up to 10 positions for research assistants, researchers, postdocs and laboratory assistants from Ukraine in the field of biomedicine and biotechnology.

For further information, please email the centre directly by copying the email from the link below. 

Riga Technical University

Research Support

Biosystems research group at the Riga Technical University offers support for a MA or PhD student or researcher from Ukraine for as long as needed.

Full-time or part-time positions are available.

A chemistry background is ideally preferred.

Please email Kriss Spavins for further details by copying the link below.



To support Ukrainian citizens, Transport and Telecommunication Institute (Riga) is launching a grant to support 3 potential PhD students with Ukrainiancitizenship in their research endeavors. The grants will fully cover the PhD program tuition fees at TSI.

Priority research areas for receiving the grants:

  • Artificial Intelligence in Transport & Logistics 

  • Computer Vision

  • Digitalization Processes and Digital Twins

A grant is available to cover the full tuition fees for the TSI doctoral (PhD) program “Telematics and Logistics”. 

Please follow the link below for further information and application directories.

Vilnius University

Master's Scholarship

Vilnius University offers tuition fee waivers for gifted students. The tuition fee waiver will be awarded to the 7 most motivated and competent non-EU/EEA students applying for Vilnius University master’s degree study programmes taught in English or Russian language. This scholarship covers the full cost of the tuition fee.

For further information, eligibility criteria and application, please follow the link below. 

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