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Support for Ukrainian Students and Researchers

Politecnico di Milano welcomes Ukrainian students and researchers. Politecnico di Milano, together with the other Italian universities, expresses deep concern about what is happening in Ukraine. It is also willing to welcome Ukrainian students, PhD students, researchers and professors who wish to apply to our University.

For further information and respective application forms, please follow the link below.

Single Learning Activities for Ukrainian Students

Enrolment is allowed for the a. y. 2021-22 with exemption from fees.

If you are a Ukrainian university student and you had to interrupt your studies in Ukraine due to the war, the University of Bologna allows you to continue studying right now. At this time of the year it is not possible to enrol in degree programmes, but you can enrol in single learning activities: you will be able to attend lectures that are still taking place, take exams and obtain credits for course units of both the first and second semester of the a.y. 2021-22. The credits obtained may be recognized for possible future enrolment in a degree programme.

To enrol in degree programmes at the University of Bologna you will need to complete the admission procedures for the a.y. 2022-23 and, if applicable, request the shortening of the degree programme. Transfers from foreign universities are not allowed.

UniBo also offers a range of opportunities for Ukrainian PhD students, post-docs, researchers and professors, refugees in Ukraine or holders of a permanent residence permit in Ukraine.

For further information, eligibility and application, please follow the respective links below. 

Opportunities for Ukrainian Refugee Musicians at all levels

In response to the war in Ukraine, the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana Foundation has taken swift and precise action to help young Ukrainian refugee musicians so that they can continue to study music at all levels.

For further information about opportunities offered at each grade level, please follow the link below.

Stipends for Ukrainian Students

The initiatives of the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome in favor of peace do not stop during this difficult moment for the Ukrainian people who have been struck by a hard conflict and serious humanitarian crisis.

Following the invitation of the Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities to initiate concrete actions for the benefit of students who are victims of the situation, the University has allocated 5 scholarships including room and board to Ukrainian boys and girls who will be able to join the UCBM university courses starting from the current academic year.

UCBM students and employees have also joined in a fundraiser to support the Ukrainian population promoted by Caritas.

Participation in the # Student4peace challenge also continues in collaboration with the National Association of Deans of Rome and Lazio, giving a voice to young and university students on the topic of peace through social networks.

For further information and application form, please follow the link below.

Youth training "Adventure Europe"

The purpose of this project is to support European social and youth workers, further developing their competences in order to empower their target group through outdoor learning, communication across borders, mobility experiences in Europe to motivate and enable them to become active (European) citizens.


Location: Sabaudia, Italy

Dates: October 2-8, 2022


The training is intended for: youth workers, trainers, youth leaders, youth project managers, social workers  


Financing: The Italian National Agency arranges accommodation and covers the costs of accommodation and meals.

For further information and registration, please follow the link below.

Free Italian Language Courses

The course (online) offers an introduction to the Italian language. At the end of the course, students will be able to read and understand basic level texts and have a conversation about everyday life topics. The acquired knowledge will allow students to reach level A1 of the European Language Knowledge System.

Please follow the link below to register.

Ministry of International Affairs


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation provides study grants for the 2022-2023 academic year. Grants are offered for study and / or research programs in Italian higher education institutions. Financial aid also covers health insurance and provides a monthly stipend of 900 euros.

For further information, eligibility criteria and application please follow the link below. 

Tools for YOU,TH


The YOU.TH project aims to introduce young workers to practices that are used in the field of theater and can be used in inclusive activities.


Location: Morfasso, Italy

Dates: The project consists of two stages:

* Pre-arrival for the team leader: July 22-23, 2022

* Training itself (for selected participants): September 5-11, 2022


Eligibility Criteria:

⁃ age from 25 to 35 years for participants and no age restrictions for the team leader;

⁃ fluent English

⁃ with previous experience or desire to develop in the project topic

100% of the cost of food, accommodation and flight is covered. Participants must take out health insurance and a PCR test (in the absence of vaccination) at their own expense. Participants pay a € 40 charitable contribution to the sending organization (a charitable contribution is not required, but the organisation continues to work and looks forward to your support).

For further information and application please follow the link below.

Luis Guido Carli

Lecturer Positions

LUISS Guido Carli is a private university in Rome. The Department of Law offers two positions as lecturers in EU law, with a focus on external relations of the EU with respect to the war in Ukraine (until early May 2022).

Email Lorenzo Valeri, the scientific manager at Luiss School of Government, for more information by copying the link below. 

Sannio Tech Consortium 

Researcher Positions with Accommodation

Sannio Tech and its affiliated companies of the Biotech sector are engaged in research projects and activities in the nutraceutical field, where significant results have already been reported, and products launched on the market.

Areas of expertise and activities related to Nutraceuticals:

  • the characterization and development of nutraceutical substances of natural origin

  • the evaluation in in vitro experimental models of biological activities of bioactive compounds

  • the clinical evaluation of the studied nutraceuticals based on the EFSA guidelines and good clinical practice (GCP) 

  • the promotion of the development of national and regional nutraceuticals.

The consortium offers support for 2 biotechnology researchers for ~3 months in Apollosa and is available to offer private accommodation for three months.

Email the Sannio Tech information centre to get in touch and find out more details. 

University of Padua

Single Course Unit & Full Programme Scholarships

Following the events related to the ongoing war in Ukraine, the University of Padua has activated two scholarships programmes with the purpose of supporting students living in Ukraine entering the university:

  • 50 scholarships designed to provide an immediate response to those who have just fled Ukraine and thus open to students enrolling in single course units in the academic year 2021/22;

  • 75 scholarships aimed at students enrolling in a full degree programme in the academic year 2022/23 with the aim of a long-lasting integration into the university system.

For further information, eligibility criteria and application guidance, please follow the link below. 

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