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As part of our initiative to support Ukrainian students wishing to study overseas, we would like to introduce our weekly online streaming service. During our sessions, students will be able to hear from a variety of academic representatives about the support they offer. We also invite speakers who specialise in refugee assistance so that students can get a better understanding of their relocation process. We hope to provide students with a deeper insight into how education systems work abroad.


Olha Lytvynenko

Tune in to hear about the legalities of moving to the United Kingdom, opportunities that await you there and what it's like assimilating among Brits, from a girl who has travelled there all the way from Sumi, Ukraine by herself. 

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Daria Ruban

Daria works for the United Nations, on a force tasked with evacuating children from Ukraine and applying them to education in Poland. Families will gain a deeper understanding of the education system in Poland as well as the application procedure.



Geneva School of Diplomacy

Dr. Rakesh Krishnan and Joanna Witwichka from Geneva School of Diplomacy & International Relations will talk about the support they offer for Ukrainian students, procedure of applying to Swiss unis and why Switzerland may be suitable for you! 


Megi Maci

Megi is the American co-ordinator of ScienceForUkraine project that connects academics across the globe that wish to support Ukrainian students. Get a chance to hear more about the support that is out there, as well as education opportunities for Ukrainians in the USA.

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