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Centre de recherches mathématiques

Researcher Support

The Centre de recherches mathématiques and the Institut des sciences mathématiques offer a program in support of mathematicians in distress due to war, oppression, and persecution. The objective is to provide a temporary safe haven to international researchers in mathematical and statistical sciences, so that they can continue pursuing their high-quality research and training goals in a secure and welcoming environment. 

Applications are open to researchers at all levels, from graduate students to senior faculty. Financial support can take the form of scholarships in ISM partner universities, travel grants for participation in CRM activities, and visiting fellowships for collaboration with CRM researchers. To apply for this program, it is required to submit a cover letter explaining the particular circumstances of the application, including the specific form of support that is being applied for, and the names and e-mail addresses of three references. Indicating potential contacts among the CRM researchers would be helpful. The cover letter should be accompanied by a short (1-2 pages) description of the research and study intentions, as well as a complete CV containing a list of publications.

Please send your applications in PDF format to the email attached below, with the subject line “Support for mathematicians in distress”.

Carleton University

Doctoral Scholarship for Visiting Students

The Centre for European Studies at Carleton University (Ottowa) and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (Foundation Office Canada) invite applications for the position as Konrad Adenauer Visiting Scholar on Transatlantic Relations. The successful applicant will be scholar in residence at Carleton University for a period of four months, September – December 2022.

The position will involve teaching one MA-level seminar at Carleton University on a topic in transatlantic relations; the precise topic will be determined in consultation with the successful applicant to reflect their scholarly expertise. The course will be offered in the interdisciplinary Institute of European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies (EURUS), possibly cross-listed with another university department.

For further information, eligibility and application requirements please follow the link below. 

University of Toronto

Undergraduate & Graduate Scholarships

The Scholars at Risk Award Program was established in response to the Syrian crisis which highlighted the growing refugee population worldwide.  The award is open to refugee students on admission to the University of Toronto.



  • To be awarded to refugee students on admission to the University of Toronto in an undergraduate or graduate program of study.

  • Demonstrate financial need.


- Award Type: Admission Grant

- Action: Application Required

- Availability: Domestic Students / International Students

- Level of Study: Graduate / Undergraduate

- Value/Amount: $10,000

For further information and application guidance, please follow the link below. 

University of Alberta

Ukrainian Student Support

The university of Alberta has expedited applications for admission in 2022-23 and is simplifying documentation requirements. Graduate applications are being evaluated by the departments with similar prioritization and simplification where possible. The university will waive up to all of the 2022-23 tuition fees for any Ukrainian Study Permit holders who are suffering financial hardship due to the war. The university will also provide funding to support living costs for all incoming Ukrainian students and current Ukrainian students in need during the 2022-23 academic year.

The University of Alberta has also established an emergency fund to support areas of greatest need for impacted students and scholars.

For the full list of support resources offered by the University of Alberta, please follow the link below. 

University of Ottawa

Undergraduate, Master's, Postgraduate and PhD positions for Ukrainians 

Two PhD positions, one Postdoc position are available at the University of Ottawa in the framework of the Canada Research Chair in Artificial Intelligence at the interface of Mathematics and Chemistry. Moreover, several other oportunities are available to undergraduate and master students to join and work in Gerolin's research group.

Graduate students and young researchers from Ukraine are warmly encouraged to apply or, just simply, contact Augusto Gerolin via e-mail below.

For further information, opportunities in Gerolin's research group and application forms, please follow the link below.

Queens University

Research Positions for Scholars Displaced by Conflict - Finance or Economics

Humanity is facing the highest levels of displacement on record. As a result, Smith School of Business and Queen’s University (Kingston) are increasing their support for students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty members forcibly displaced by conflict, political instability, violence, and persecution. 

Smith School of Business at Queen’s University invites applications for a Research and Teaching Fellow position open for scholars displaced by conflict (including, but not limited to that currently unfolding in Ukraine). The candidates who have a PhD or equivalent will be assigned to the Post-Doctoral Fellow category; those who have largely completed their doctoral studies but have not defended (due to conflict) will be assigned to the ABD Research Fellow category.

For further information, eligibility criteria and application directives, please follow the link below. 

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